Thursday, 21 June 2007

In The Beginning

Collingwood Dock, Liverpool 2006

I started this blog to capture some of the hidden history of Liverpool and its inhabitants and places that I had come across during my research into local and family history.

There are many books written about the history of Liverpool but some of its history has been forgotten - such as tales of ordinary people who didn't make the headlines and some extraordinary ones who did. Places on old maps which no longer exist but influence our lives even now. Fleeting moments in time almost forgotten - this is the part of Liverpool I love.

Look closely where you live and you may see a glimpse of a different life - a bit of sandstone wall left from an old farm - an old fashioned street name - a twisting road when a modern straight one would be much more convenient. Look closer to home and you may find a medal from Grandad's war days or an old love letter sent from the front. There is more to Liverpool than meets the eye.
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Keeping Soul Alive said...

Hi Barb

Good to see you going out by yourself - Best wishes for your new blog!!!


Dave said...

I enjoyed reading your visit to St George's Church. Thanks

Barbara said...

Thanks Dave - glad you enjoyed it. Barb

andalucia said...

Hi Barbara

A fantastic site, well done for keeping his memory alive.

I know of a war memorial that list his name. if you want it i can pass it on.

great work you have done here.


Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments. I would like to know where the memorial is with Peters name on

Thanks Again